Mint Price

The price to Mint a NFT of this type.

600 $CRO

$0 USD

Tax Reduction

The tax reduction provided by this type of NFT.


NFTs Available

NFT's available to mint of this type.


/ 6000

Choose Type

1 Treasure Trove(s) Available

1 Available

1 Treasure Trove(s) Available

1 Available

3 Treasure Trove(s) Available

3 Available

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130 Unique Attributes

The Nodey the Whale Utility NFT Collection is designed to provide a Wallet Level buff that reduces the claim tax based on the highest grade NFT. Wallets holding Ultra-Rare NFT's receive the best buff and the NFT will work for any Node Navy project where our Node NFT's reside in the same wallet.

Decreased Claim Tax

The CronosNode NFT Node rewards can be claimed one-time per day after the Active Rewards Mechanism (ARM) run. Holders can delay claiming for 120 hours or more to get the best claim tax rate. Holders of the Nodey the Whale Utility NFT Collection can lower the base tax rate on a wallet level.

Four Rarities

The Ultra-Rare Nodey the Whale NFT's (#1 thru #20) can only be minted via auction. Holders can mint rare, uncommon, and common Nodey the Whale NFT's that are randomly generated and have the chance of generating an additional Treasure Trove NFT. Recipients of a Treasure Trove NFT will have 25,000 CRO automatically sent back to their wallet.